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DIY Speed Cleaning In 7 Days:A Busy Person's Handbook Collection Of Guides To Speed Clean Super FAST!

DIY Speed Cleaning In 7 Days:A Busy Person's Handbook Collection Of Guides To Speed Clean Super FAST!

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DIY Speed Cleaning In 7 Days:A Busy Person's Handbook Collection Of Guides To Speed Clean Super FAST!

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Sep 15, 2019


Your home is where you spend most of your time. It is a haven for you and your family, thus it is very important that you maintain some form of organization and cleanliness within it. This is crucial not only to avoid clutter from taking over your family room, but also to prevent some very common illnesses that are actually the result of having filthy surroundings
Sep 15, 2019

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DIY Speed Cleaning In 7 Days:A Busy Person's Handbook Collection Of Guides To Speed Clean Super FAST! - Old Natural Ways


What You Should Know Before You Read This Book

Before you read this book, it would be helpful to remember that you are the one in total control of your environment. Remember, you make the rules, you decide where everything goes, and if you are trying to impress guests, that should be the last thing on your mind. As long as your home is comfortable for you, it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks of it.

However, there are typical guidelines involving keeping a sanitary and healthy home everybody needs to live by, and if you think your home may be beyond this point, another cleaning book should be referred to first before you attempt to speed clean your problems away. Some homes need a deep, thorough cleansing, and if that is your case this book might not be for you just yet. Come back afterward to learn how to keep your home clean!

For the rest of you, you are going to need to have a spot in mind for every type of trash and everything you own in mind before you begin. These special hotspots are going to be very important for you as you undergo your project. I can't guarantee exactly how long it will take you to speed clean your house, as everybody goes at their own pace and has different areas in which to store their things.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this might not be some walk in the park initially. I was terrible at speed cleaning for a long time. I used to almost obsess over how a place looked, and it was super hard to get into the speed cleaning mindset. But, over time, I managed to do just this, and now, I am a speed cleaning master. So remember, this might not be something you’ll master immediately, but with every single endeavor, you’ll get better at this.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to maintain a positive outlook throughout the speed cleaning process, and remember to map out efficient routes from one spot to another once you are ready to get started. Keep these routes in mind because they can shave off valuable minutes or seconds when the timing is critical.

Good luck, you can definitely do this!

Chapter 1: Speed Cleaning Step 1: Evaluating The Task At Hand

So you just found out that your best friend is in town for only a few days and they want to come over tonight for dinner, but you have been working double shifts and didn't have time to sleep, let alone straighten up your house. Of course you know your bestie wouldn't care what the house looks like, but you think it would be nice to present them with a pleasant and clean place to visit. What do you do?

Well, don't worry! This is no problem that can't be tackled with efficient calculation. The first thing you should do in a situation like this is really evaluate the situation. If you don't know where to begin, you will get completely overwhelmed. So, step one to speed cleaning is evaluating the task at hand.

What you need to do first is walk around your house, briskly, or make a mental note, of the areas in your house that are the most chaotic. If you are speed cleaning for guests, you should prioritize the rooms that you know they will be spending the most time in. Do you and your guests like to sit in your living room or share drinks at the kitchen counter more often? Start there.

There are generally three priority rooms you should begin with if you are speed cleaning for guests, and those are the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. With any luck, your guests will not be poking around your home at length, so if your closets aren't organized and you or your kid's bedrooms (or even your bedroom) are messy, you need to start there.

If you have rooms that you feel like you should keep closed, then do that. If your guests won’t be looking at it, literally just leave the space closed. Obviously, you can’t’ close your living room or your kitchen, but if you need to close the door to say the guest room, do just that.

If you see anything that looks like it’s out of place immediately while doing the evaluation, you should grab it right away. Often, grabbing this immediately and putting it into your basket when you do the initial walkthrough will give you a better idea of what you need to get started with. You’ll want to definitely keep this in mind when you begin.

Start with the room that you hate first. This might sound weird, but if you do the one that’s your least favorite, then procrastination settles in. If you think about it, starting this off by going strong, making sure you do the rooms that you hate, will allow you to get the job done quicker, and you’ll start to realize that you’re not motivated anymore, and you’ll feel way better. The touch areas are the worst. All of us hate it, but you should keep a note of the room you want to begin with, and from there, start working.

You should as well, as you continue to go through every single room here, go through and make a schedule of all that you need to get done. You should make sure that the space is perfectly clean when you do this, but if you only have about thirty minutes, make a super short list of what you need to clean, starting from the least favorite room to the one that you like the most. This will get you pumped up, and you’ll feel even better than you did before.

Also, keep in mind any sorts of rooms that are already pretty clean. Ignore those, especially if they’re ones that you will have guests in. Sometimes, if you’ve recently cleaned the high-traffic rooms, then you’ll feel better knowing you don’t have to do much besides maybe spruce the area up. You shouldn’t spend your time doing pointless cleaning. If you think about that, doing that is just going to waste your time. If you’re already got a spotless sort of area, then don’t’ even bother with trying to clean it up because that’s just a waste of time.

One thing that you can do as well, even before you start the cleaning, and it’s something that you can put in as a daily activity, is to clean as you go. This is something that you can start with, and something that you go along in our daily life. If you think about it, getting yourself into the mindset that you’ll put something away as you go up or down can be quite hard. Even if it’s just grabbing a few things that you want to put upstairs and going upstairs with it is pretty great. You should wipe down little spills when they happen so that you can save yourself time later on. This can certainly help you later on, and if you think about it, dealing with it now will prevent further problems later on.

If your guest has children and they are coming for a play date, set your child to work immediately to straighten up their bedroom or the playroom where they will be spending the most time with their guests. Inform them of the basic guidelines that everyone needs to know about speed cleaning, which you will be learning from this book. That way, they will get the job done quickly while you work on other important areas of the house.

Whether you are speed cleaning to avoid embarrassment in front of guests or simply because you want to clean quickly without burning yourself out, you should then prioritize the list in your head from most catastrophic room in the house to the least. This will give you a place to begin. Think about which room has been stressing you out the most. Is it the kitchen? The living room? Whichever room it is, begin there and give yourself some peace of mind.

Chapter 2: Speed Cleaning

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