Temporary Mates

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Temporary Mates

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 198 pages2 hours


Kelsey MacKeltar has lived like a ghost for years, using her wolf to run from her past, until stumbling upon her brothers’ farm. Even though she’s safe now, the memories continue to haunt her. No one can ease her mind, not even her concerned brothers, but one man might be the key to helping her defeat her demons once and for all before she flees again.

Garret Adams has his own demons to face. His shifter gift has changed him from a carefree youth, to a reclusive, brooding man, and his secrets threaten to tear him apart. With his gift overwhelming him, he’ll eventually go mad, until a ghost arrives to quiet the demons in his mind.

Kelsey and Garret soon find themselves drawn to one another, but Kelsey knows her wolf can’t be trusted, and mates can’t truly mean forever. It’s only a matter of time before someone betrays her, so her mate can only be temporary. But Garret is playing for keeps, and unless he can convince Kelsey his feelings are true, the ghost that saved him will become the ghost that unravels him.

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