The Breeding Tactic: Part 11: Shopping with Brad

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The Breeding Tactic: Part 11: Shopping with Brad

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Length: 58 pages48 minutes


Tina and Tim have an active and fun-filled sex life, but they're missing something from their normal, everyday lives despite their best efforts at lovemaking: a baby.

Tina's friend Nicole suggests something that Tina takes up, and gets Tim to agree to - to find a surrogate father to breed her, with a contractual agreement, and she and Tim can have the child they've always dreamed of. But as things start off, there's already a hint of something more sinister going on.

Before they father a child, however, Tina insists on having tryouts - and after going through "selection" for the desired "breeding stud", she's finally made up her mind...Brad is going to be the lucky one to put a baby in her! Tim is more delighted than he thought he would be, and he actually likes Brad better than the other jerks his wife has seen.

After their first few "sessions" together, Tim finds himself called away on work - a week-long business trip. And while the two lovers make a good headstart to the weekend together, Tim is about to embark on an adventure of his own; he would discover more of the raunchy and illicit activities his new department has been up to - and despite some reservations, he would end up enjoying every single moment of it. His new job has multiple perks - not to mention a massive host of horny women!

In the meantime, Tina is left in Brad's delicate care, with the intention to continue fulfilling the needs of his "contract" - one that has evolved far beyond the terms stipulated. While Tim is gone, Brad has a plan to wine, dine, and give Tina an oh-so-fine time, in way she would never have been able to experience under the conservative mindset of a husband and wife relationship. But before that, he had to dress her up - and that, in itself, would have some fun of its own.

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