Havoc (Book 1): Blood Eagles MC, #1

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Havoc (Book 1): Blood Eagles MC, #1

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 103 pages1 hour


This is book 1 of the Blood Eagles MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I broke every rule to make her mine.

She was sent to keep me under wraps.

But no one tells me what to do.

I don't give a damn if her brother says she's off-limits:

This one's belongs to me.


My body is still aching from that beatdown.

But I'm fired up, looking for someone to take my anger out on.

I want revenge – not just for me, but for my MC.

The Blood Eagles are a family, and loyalty runs thick in our veins.

No one messes with us and walks away clean.

But the boss has me stuck at home, healing…

With his kid sister for a nurse.

Missy Dermott is here to make me feel better and keep me out of trouble.

But the curvy vixen is causing trouble of a whole 'nother kind.

Every sassy retort makes me want to do one thing and one thing only:

Crush my lips against hers and own her 'til the sun comes up.


I was born into the biker life.

I'd die for the Blood Eagles MC.

But my brother, the club president, has me babysitting his injured soldier while the big boys plan revenge.

I've got the connections to help us drive our rival away from the territory border.

But instead I'm spending my nights helping Cain Vale wash his hair and get into bed.

What a waste.

It's a good thing the biker is easy on the eyes.

Because his temper is driving me crazy.

But the longer we're trapped in here together – emotions running high, tensions building – the longer we risk something dangerous happening.

Something sinful.

Something that might destroy us both.

It won't be long until the havoc erupts.

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