Inferno Burning: Book Three

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Inferno Burning: Book Three

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 764 pages13 hours


The third novel in a spellbinding series about a proletariat revolution in the twenty-first century. After having declared the foundation of the new People’s Republic in London, the forces of the Popular Front face new challenges. Valeri Kovalenko has come to serve in the forces of the Popular Front, and takes to his new duty with aplomb. As part of the new revolution, Valeri fights in the countryside and through the urban areas around England, wherever his duty takes him. But darker force is gathering, with nationalist elements opposing the proletarian Popular Front in a counter-revolutionary coalition soon to establish an unholy alliance with foreign imperialists who seek to derail the revolution in Britain. But not all is lost. There is another way. Pushed to the brink of desperation, Valeri finally realises what must be done.

In the streets of Britain’s cities, there’s revolution underway again. After having won crucial victories over their enemies and overcome extreme hardships of the most brutal war in recent memory, proletarian men like Valeri now face the impossible task of overcoming an enemy vastly superior to anything they’ve overcome before.

Part future history, part warning on the folly of our times, Inferno Burning foretells the continuing saga of a spectacular war in the streets of our own cities, through crisis, terror, and a cataclysmic devastation the likes of which the world has never seen. Equal parts prophecy and premise, Inferno Burning is the third in a series of novels about a working class revolution that spreads to become a global phenomenon.

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