A Week in Paradise

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A Week in Paradise

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Length: 36 pages29 minutes


A dream vacation goes wrong.

Greg and Sherry spent all their savings on a sexy dream vacation in the tropics. When he threw his back out on the first day — it looked like the fun was already over.

Lena, who owns the bungalows, takes pity on them. She introduces Sherry to friends who show her a more erotic side of paradise than she'd expected, while Lena and a friend ease Greg's suffering.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Lena, who owned the bungalows, took Sherry to the office to wait while the doctor examined Greg. Lena poured two glasses of clear liquid and handed her one.

"White rum," she said when Sherry looked at her curiously. "It helps." Then she smiled. "You, not so much him."

The doctor came in shaking his head. "I gave him a sedative," he said. "The man is in some serious pain. It's a powerful shot and will knock him out for forty-eight hours. After that, he should be able to start moving around gently, but he will have to quite careful for at least two weeks."

"What can I do to help him?" she asked.

He shook his head again. "Not much." He looked at Lena and licked his lips. She smiled and poured him some rum and he sipped it thankfully.

"Lena knows the routine as well as anyone," he said. "She is a better healer for that kind of thing than I am. But it is all basic. Give him a sponge bath, so that he will rest comfortably, use ice and heat, and Lena's special balms on his back. Then you wait. I will come back when the sedative wears off and evaluate him again, but I think it was just one giant muscle spasm. Sometimes tension builds up and when it releases, bang."

When he left, Lena poured them each another glass. "I am so sorry for both of you," she said. "What awful timing, happening right at the beginning of your trip."

They downed their drinks and then went back to the room to check on Greg. He lay on his back, his breath steady but shallow. "We only have five days here, and he will be unconscious for two of them," Sherry sighed.

"Was it your honeymoon?"

Sherry laughed. "Not really. We've been lovers for a few years, but he travels a lot for his work — doing construction. He isn't going without sex while he's gone, and I am not exactly sitting home alone either. We both understand that... I guess you'd call it an open relationship. But still..."

She nodded. "It was supposed to be a special time to be together?"

Sherry nodded. "Part of coming here was because of his fantasy of screwing me on the beach."

Lena laughed. "I think that one is universal."

Sherry grinned. "I guess so. I think he is also interested in having some fun with island girls. He loves variety, and I remember that he mentioned once, well more than once, that he has never had a black woman."

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