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Page One Ranking Formula

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Hi, My name John Hawkins and all my sites rank on the first page of Google, want to know how?

"Search engine optimization algorithms are a hobby of mine and I am always ahead of the game. My step by step ebook page the exact formula I use to achieve the #1 spot out of 3 billion (Billion with a 'B') competing sites and how you can do the same!"

I have been doing search engine optimization sense 2003 and have marketed twenty plus of my own sites plus hundreds of student sites to the first page Google and Bing.

I can show you the exact road map on how to do SEO so you can increase your SEO score and increase your passive income by leveraging free search engine traffic. Today I keep up with all SEO strategies and changes to make sure you know about them first!

My ebook course trains you on the exact methods the search engine searches for. After watching the tutorial you too will be an expert on SEO marketing.

Here's what you don't yet know, how to SEO is not difficult, and it's actually quite easy if you know what you're doing. If you start out doing SEO strategies right from the beginning it almost zero extra work to incorporate those SEO strategies into your site.

Here is what to expect:

* How to rank almost any website on the first page of search engines for your most popular niche keywords - the ones that are searched hundreds of thousands of times every day

* The best site architecture for your website so the search engine will love you

* Tracking traffic, where is it coming from and how to push results up almost overnight for your most profitable keywords

* Free tools to help you optimize your site for the best possible SEO ranking

* How to spy on your competitors and steal their most profitable keywords and use them as your own. SEO strategies applied!

* Plus a whole lot more, I have barely scratched the surface of what's inside SEO Surge Solutions…


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