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Payment Processor Secrets

23 pages14 minutes


Learn the basics of the most trending online payment processing with hands-on

What is covered in this course?

This course is mainly an introduction guide to Stripe - a popular online payment tools.

How is this course organized?

First, an overview on Stripe is presented. Then, we use Java, Spring Framework and some Html, Javascript to build a shopping cart demo app. Next, the Stripe Payment with basic functions is presented. After that, some further topic such as Payment Order and Subscription is shown as well.

How is the course presented?

The course is usually presented with some slides and will also go back and forth between Stripe documentation and hands-on practice. Stripe provides support for a range of languages. In this tutorial, Java is used.

What about bonus section?

There is a bonus section talking about Paypal and showing how to integrate a Paypal function into your app as well.

Will there be live account?

All practices in the course are using test accounts provided by Stripe. It takes plenty of effort to make sure the quality of the app before moving test to live, which would be difficult to include in this course.


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