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52 Writing Tips

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Sitting down in front of a computer to write can be a daunting task. This book reveals specific methods and practices to keep you committed to writing. One of the easiest—and most frequently overlooked—ways to make your book more interesting has to do with the length of sentences and paragraphs and the thoughtful placement of white space. When you apply the methods listed in this book, you may be surprised at how much they improve your manuscript, articles, and blogs. If you've wanted to write a blog but have hesitated because of the commitment involved in such a project, you'll find the material in this book invaluable.

In a reader-friendly style, the author shows you simple examples that explain some of the most common grammatical usages, how to use puzzling punctuation forms, and the differences between the words that seem and, in many cases, sound similar or identical. While 75% of employers want employees with good grammatical skills, only 50% of applicants have those skills. Good grammar can make the difference between getting or not getting a job or a customer.

You'll discover how to ruthlessly eliminate unnecessary words so the meaning of what you intend to say shines through. You'll also get practical explanations about how professional editors of various kinds and proofreaders can fine-tune your work. Finally, you'll learn what a ghostwriter does and get useful information to help you decide whether you want to hire this kind of expert.

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