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Robot Commandos: The Dragoon War: Ep 4

43 pages37 minutes


Hostages have been taken on the massive space liner Odyssey. This fifteen-kilometre-long vessel is being taken to Rebel space and is escorted by a small fleet of deadly rebel gunships. With time running out for the hostages, a crack force is mobilised to bring them home.

A small force of Union ships is sent on the rescue mission, and the Dragoons will be providing the heavy firepower for the mission. They must use a combination of stealth, guile and combat skill to overcome the ferocious and well-motivated enemy, and take back control of the ship. It is a tense operation, but the Dragoons relish the chance to put their unique skills to the test.

Part 4 of Robot Commandos, a thrilling new series of short read adventures that follow Takashi Hiraku and the Robot Commandos. An elite unit of augmented warriors that charge into battle supported by an army of robotic drones.

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