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Confidence for Women: Simple Steps to be Confident and Attractive without Being a B*tch

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Do you doubt yourself a lot?
Do you tend to be a people pleaser?
Do you have the feeling that you are not good enough?

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You are in a weekly meeting at work. You want to speak up. But you are waiting for the right moment. The men around you interrupt each other and you do not grab your chance to jump in. After the meeting, you feel bad that you didn´t say what you wanted to say.

Don´t worry. A lot of women (and men) suffer from this.

It can be a sign of low-level confidence or low Self-Esteem.

Maybe it´s caused by your genes, or how you were raised, or by something that happened when you were a young girl.

The reason doesn´t matter. What matters is, that you can do something about it.

Did you know for example that famous artists like Jenifer Lopez and Lady Gaga had a low level of confidence once and that they worked their way out of it? You can do the same.

Here´s a tiny fraction of what you will discover in Confidence for Women:

What Jessica Williams (famous tennis player) has to say about confidence. It might surprise you. (page 1) The secret power of your thoughts, according to Oprah Winfrey (page 54) The difference between ´Being confident´ and ´Having confidence´ (page 7) What´s the first AND most important step in your journey to have more confidence (page 21) Which mindset will help you grow your confidence (page 22) The No.1 thing to avoid when building your confidence (page 59)

And much, much more.

You might have read several other books about this subject. But you are still struggling with your confidence. You are right. Just reading books won´t give you the lasting self-improvements you wish. You have to work on yourself. That´s why this book is full of exercises and Q&A´s. You can do them yourself or with a partner.

Everyone starts from a different position, this book acknowledges this. The self-exploratory questions and the exercises are designed to bring you from A to B.

Do you want to be a doubter or a do-er?

Let´s start your journey today and be a do-er by scrolling-up and clicking ´add to cart´.

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