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Cookie Martin Wrestling Mechanic NIghtmares and Knock Downs

51 pages43 minutes


A leisurely day boating on the lake with her parents, Cookie and Kitty are caught in a freak storm, and suffer severe injuries, when the boat they are on crashes.

Kitty has a banged up knee, but Cookie is unconscious and trapped in a nightmare where she is an unsavory and unscrupulous business woman. Using her wrestling skills to force her opinions on her rivals.

She gets embroiled in a feud with the fiery Suzanne, a woman who wants to bring a business into Cookies area. Twice Cookie engages in brutal all in wrestling catfights with Suzanne. Both women refuse to submit and both fights end in knock outs.

All the time Cookie is dreaming her nightmare, Kitty and Cookie’s parents observe her in her hospital room as she reacts in her unconscious state the violent catfights she engages in. All are fearful Cookie may never emerge from the torment of her nightmare.

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