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Hope Now

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Have you run into the wall?  Let Hope Now encourage you to tear down the wall so God can use you fully to minister to the needs of others. 

Is there a wall between meeting the practical needs of people and meeting their spiritual needs? Can you only meet one or the other? In Hope Now, Dr. Albert L. Reyes tears down any existing walls that separate the joint biblical calling to meet both the spiritual and practical needs of people. Learn how these needs are two sides of the same coin and how both are not only doable but must be done.

This book offers encouragement for holistic ministry showing how and why evangelism can and should be combined with social ministry and social justice efforts. Perfect for social workers and those who work with orphans and at-risk children, Hope Now reminds believers they are bringing Christs’ kingdom near when they meet both the physical and spiritual needs of others. Based on years of pastoral experience and service, Dr. Reyes knows firsthand how the spiritual and practical needs of people are connected.  As sixth president and CEO of Buckner International since it’s founding as an orphan home to post-civil war children in Texas, Reyes leads Buckner International, a ministry that has been dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, families, and senior adults for more than one hundred years.

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