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Next Stop, Heaven

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Welcome. You have found Next Stop, Heaven, which was named Winner at the Texas Association of Authors Book Awards, a contest open to international submissions.

Next Stop, Heaven is the third volume of the Trilogy of Light. This book stands alone and connects to the other two books by a theme: we all have genius, inner light, but we seldom bring it out in creative acts because we have been bludgeoned into conformity.

The Trilogy of Light is not religious. Nor is it an intellectual construct. Each book of the Trilogy has many powers. Here is the one I want to share with you now: each book builds a refuge in which you can connect to your own insights. When a new idea, which may be a solution to a problem, comes to you, close the book and write the idea down. Then it is up to you to give this idea life.

We live on a forbidden planet. We are forbidden to bring out our inner light. Next Stop, Heaven invites you to join Lena and David in breaking free of the matrix of darkness, known as life on planet Earth.

Lena, Number One in pharmaceutical sales in Dallas, moves to the more artsy Austin and there she seeks a life in soul. She lands a job at a newspaper that requires many talents, chief of which is to write an extraordinarily insightful relationship column. One morning, Lena wakes up to a transformation: her gorgeous brunette hair has turned white. Lena's heart and mind embark on a journey for the answer to the whitening.

David, president of a company that supports new light, lives a life parallel to Lena's in that he, too, had moved into a life of soul. It took only a single glance between David and Lena in busy downtown Austin to put them in search of each other. In converging upon each other days later, they join forces to defeat the beast that kills the good who die young.

The other two volumes of the Trilogy of Light are The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle, the great American adventure novel, and Sharing a Man (no, it's not a dirty book). Please remember: all three books of the Trilogy are not religious. Nor are they intellectual constructs. Each of the three books is an expression of the spirit that gives birth to, and sustains, civilization. A new civilization brimming with unlimited potential awaits you.

Two excerpts from Next Stop, Heaven:

A feeling came over her that she ruled the world. She walked with this new feeling for a while, but soon her mind chided her heart for its folly. Her heart insisted she was to rule the entire world. Forget fantasy, the mind said. The world, said the heart.

In a manner fitting the woman of light, Lena Lovitt, sculptor, scribe, accepted the world.

_______ ___ _______

This man, David Cruz, stood at the brink. Elizabeth didn't need to hear any more words from David, but she knew he knew he needed to hear more words from her. The animation of her spirit, blending into her words of conversation, would have to move to higher ground so that he might see, if that was possible at this time, the glory of life in light.

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