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Gatherer: TDU Series, #4

308 pages5 hours


The number of paranormal entities in the world are increasing and intermarrying with humans. Those humans and their friends and families are now aware of them and word is spreading. Who will help with peacekeeping and law enforcement as knowledge of their existence spreads. Who will help train local law enforcement agencies how to deal with these groups, who have until now been self-policed. With the increased numbers and expansion beyond the voluntary group boundaries of the past, an integrated human and paranormal force will be needed for the future. The Tactical Development Unit (TDU) is that force.

Book Four of the TDU Series continues, and fulfillment of the prophecy is under way. Two lost ones have been gathered, a third un-named lost one is within reach and a fourth lost one is in imminent danger at an unknown location. Please join us in Gatherer as the search continues and the TDU is preparing for the future.

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