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Queen's Call: Avalon Hall Trilogy, #3

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Will Avalon live long enough to find happiness?

Hawker Hall is King in Cormicks and has control of the Anthracites. His next move is to crush Avalon and the whole of Fontanasia.

The third book in the Avalon Hall trilogy, Avalon wants to find a future with Taggerty, but while he tries to convince Avalon to attack Cormicks, he refuses to come between King and country. And as Avalon tries to deal with Taggerty's rejection, she has to decide whether to indefinitely guard the elbagrass against an attack from Cormicks, or to take the fight to her Uncle Hawker.

Fontanasia prepares for war, and Avalon develops a daring idea. In a stroke of either genius or folly, Avalon will attempt to steal the Anthracites from Hawker and ride them into Cormicks to end Hawker's reign.

In a bold end to the trilogy, can Avalon stop the war before it begins?

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