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The Creative Spark: How musicians, writers, explorers, and other artists found their inner fire and followed their dreams

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Who is the market?

Anyone who appreciates creativity or seeks to be creative
Fans or the musicians, writers and other creative people interviewed in the book
Anyone who loves music and/or literature and wants to know the stories behind some of the great works of our times
Self-improvers, seekers, and the intellectually curious
Artists and other creative types including writers, musicians, painters, chefs, scientists, iconoclasts
Those who are in transition

How do people become more creative?

The book is filled with examples of how people found ways to be more creative and how they shared their creativity with the world
What sparked Amy Tan to write The Joy Luck Club or The Valley of Amazement? How did Lucinda Williams overcome her shyness and learn to command a stage? After The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, why did Francis Ford Coppola make The Outsiders? What does Frances Mayes love most about Tuscany? It’s all in The Creative Spark.

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