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Torque (Book 1): Iron Angels MC, #1

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This is book 1 of the Iron Angels MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

Torque tore me to pieces.

He's a killer in a kutte with blood on his hands.

I'm an innocent girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Too bad that won't stop him from destroying me.

The only way to survive is to submit.


Guys like Torque terrify me: big, tattooed, scarred. An ex-con.

Yet the moment I see him, I feel like he owns me.

And he feels the exact same way.

The outlaw takes me into his bed, making me scream until my throat is raw.

I know he's a killer.

I know he's a monster.

I know he's nothing but bad, bad news.

But that doesn't keep me from falling for him completely.


I'm no knight in shining armor.

I'm too dark and dangerous for that.

There's not a drop of romance in my life – just pure, raw pleasure.

I'll screw you for a night and then I'll hit the road.

But one look at Lily, one taste, and I know she's my new drug.

She thinks I'm a good man. Worth saving.

She doesn't know that I'm a monster and a sinner with a rap sheet longer than she is tall.

And when she stumbles down a dark alley at the worst possible moment, she seals her fate up.

She belongs to me now.

And I'm gonna use her however I please.


TORQUE is a dark romance MC motorcycle club romance series that you're going to absolutely love. Torque is an alpha male biker with a dark past and darker desires. Lily thinks she's in trouble when she meets him, but in this new adult contemporary romance novel, you'll find love, chemistry, sex, and passion in every chapter. Get your hands on TORQUE today

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