A Husband's Love: A Season of Misunderstanding, #5

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A Husband's Love: A Season of Misunderstanding, #5

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Length: 146 pages1 hour


In the wake of his brother's sudden death, Colonel Fitzwilliam's life is thrown into turmoil but he is left to weather the gathering storms alone as his key confidante, his cousin, is distracted from helping by his own rapidly changing circumstances.

Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have finally acknowledged their long-growing affections for one another and plan to marry as soon as possible. Lizzy ought to be completely happy. But with one sister still estranged from her and another whose own happiness looks set to be usurped she has her work cut out in ensuring her whole family – and not just her – might face a happier future.

With one friend working with her and another against her, can she settle matters not only for herself but for her sisters too – and round out the year with not one wedding, not two, but three?

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