Introducing Merch by Amazon: A Practical Guide

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Introducing Merch by Amazon: A Practical Guide

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Boost your Ranking & Sell More Designs

Learn the Secrets of Keyword Research & How to Find a Profitable Word

What makes a profitable niche?

Passion and Pride sell tee shirts.

Tapping into your customer's sense of pride is a sure-fire way to win their custom. Most tee shirt sales are driven by emotions. No matter how creative your design, if it fails to ignite a positive passion it will probably fail to sell. You need to create a reaction that will inspire your customers to share your design with friends and family, pride in the message your tee shirt generates.

Large audiences are one indication of a passionate following, but size alone should not be the primary indicator of profitability. The amount of money generated within the niche is a more reliable indication of profitability.
So, where do you start?
What about the most obvious source of all, Amazon itself? Begin your search by using these categories on Amazon to brainstorm niche ideas.
●    Sports and outdoors
●    Automobiles and Industrial
●    Books
●    Movies music and games
Trawl the subcategories such as "yoga" in sports and outdoors and you will get an idea of niches to investigate.
More categories for you to research
●    Hobbies
●    Occupations
●    Politics
●    Religion
●    Culture
●    Teams
●    Festivals
●    TV culture
Finding a niche with a passionate following is a great way to target your potential customer before you market your product.
The larger an audience, the greater the potential for scalability.
A small niche may provide less competition, but once you have scaled up your Merch account you will be looking for large audience multiples. This way you can break the niche down onto smaller sectors and adapt your designs to appeal to multiple target audiences.
As an example, if you search "pets" on Facebook you have a potential audience of 500 million, but that is not specific enough. Cats, however, will yield you 8.4 million potential customers and Persian cats have a community that includes 138K. 

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