Flipping Dreams: Bear Lake Dreamers, #4

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Flipping Dreams: Bear Lake Dreamers, #4

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Length: 198 pages3 hours


Kayla Romriell is happy with her life. She's been working for herself for years, buying, fixing up, and selling old houses. When her parents die unexpectedly, her world comes crashing down around her, and she wants nothing more than to spend time with her four sisters, so they can get through the tragedy together.She is the last sister to join the others in Bear Lake, where the five of them are working on turning their family's lake house into a bed and breakfast.As soon as she arrives, her oldest sister marries, leaving her feeling a bit lost, having wanted badly for all five of them to live together for a while. With her share of the work mostly done by a contractor, she is immediately in search of a new house to flip.Bear Lake has been a good move for her sisters, and she hopes it will be for her as well, as she moves into a home filled with memories of love, laughter, and happiness.

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