Engage: Tools for Contemporary Evangelism

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Engage: Tools for Contemporary Evangelism

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Do you want to engage in evangelism but aren't sure how? 

The emerging generation in today’s culture believes evangelism is wrong according to recent studies. Yet Scripture is clear: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19 ESV). So how do we lead people to Jesus in a church with members who think evangelism is wrong? And how do we connect people with Jesus in an ever-changing culture? How do we share Jesus in a multicultural world? 

Engage is a thorough guide to the daily ministry of sharing Christ with those in the world around you. This compilation handbook contains more than X chapters and covers effective evangelism to the elderly, children, and families while encouraging the church to become multicultural. Research and recommendations cover evangelism in various settings such as Sunday School, missions, and social justice situations to name a few. Become equipped to remind fellow believers of the New Testament context of evangelism, how morality can be engaged in evangelistic efforts, and lead others to understand the importance of prayer. This handbook covers these topics and so much more. Specifically, Engage offers you access to the research and tools you need to be equipped as you understand the: 

• Theology behind evangelism 

• Context of evangelism  

• Role of the pastor and individual as evangelist 

• Effective ways to reach children, the elderly, families and those marginalized by the church 

• Elements of effective public invitations 

If leading people to Jesus is your heart’s desire, Engage is the resource you need. Be the leader and instrument God uses to change the world. It's time to engage in evangelism!

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