Heir to the Throne

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Heir to the Throne

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Length: 425 pages6 hours


Only the worthy can take the Throne...

In the Kingdom of Adgar, the King or Queen's firstborn is not automatically named Heir to the throne; any of their children can become the next ruler of the land. If they are deemed worthy.

17-year-old Aaryana has competed against her siblings from a young age and is a firm favourite to take the Throne. However, just days before her father is expected to name her his Heir, a scheme is devised to not only take Aaryana out of the running, but also to ruin her reputation completely.

Will her enemies succeed in cheating her out of the throne she was destined for or will Aaryana and her friends manage to save her from disgrace?

Heir to the Throne is a new epic high fantasy novel that’s perfect for anyone missing the Throne of Glass series or getting Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms.

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