Broken Roads

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Broken Roads

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Length: 135 pages1 hour


Kelsey has been in love with Michael for as long as she can remember. Growing up in the same town just houses apart, they were always in the same circle. However, Michael never seemed as interested in Kelsey as she was in him.

That was until the summer before high school. Michael finally asked her out. Kelsey couldn't have been happier. 

They dated through college and were about to be married. Thinking this was her happily ever after, she put her all into planning the perfect wedding and the perfect life with the only man she had ever loved. 

But vows do not always mean the same to everyone. Kelsey was looking forward to a future with her perfect husband, Michael had a different idea of what marriage was. 

Now the choices Kelsey never wanted to think about were the only things on her mind. Does she stay and try to make this work or walk away and start over?

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