Jesus Is Coming Ready Or Not

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Jesus Is Coming Ready Or Not

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This is an in-depth study which examines the Old Testament prophecies, Jesus' own teaching, and that of the apostles regarding end-time events. It is a very thorough, straightforward study by Pastor Bruce Parsons B.Th., but is quite readable and very informative. Bruce examines God's promises concerning Israel, the biblical truths regarding the Day of the Lord, the Wrath of God, the Resurrection and Rapture, and Jesus' Second Coming.
The book includes a Subject Index and a Scripture Index by Chapter, which includes references to 277 chapters.
This book will be a very useful resource for pastors, leaders and Bible teachers, and a very helpful and insightful read for all those interested in this important and fascinating subject. It will undoubtedly help clear up a lot of the confusion in the minds of many people and will help you come to an informed conclusion about what the scriptures really say, and you believe concerning the End-times. I am sure Jesus and the Apostles were not confused about end-time events, and I don't believe we need to be either.
Each chapter sub-section has helpful bullet point summaries, making this book a valuable addition to your library.

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