Darkness In Her Reach

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Darkness In Her Reach

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 341 pages4 hours


The secret is out. Aliens walk among us.

But...who cares? Not the students at Sparkstone University.

After all that Ingrid and her friends have sacrificed, the Collective deals their toughest blow yet: the promise of superpowers to any student who joins their twisted cause.

As Ingrid concocts a daring plan to strike at the heart of the Collective, she must also face a radicalized student-run militia, Wil’s erratic behaviour, and a plot to keep her away from Ethan...though he seems a little hazy on who he is, and why he’s here. Her power over space and time seems to be deepening, along with her doubts about her abilities, her friends, and her sanity.

When you have evidence of an alien invasion, it should be easy to convince your peers that they’re in danger. Especially when you can travel through space and time at a whim.


If only saving the world were that easy.

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