Dying To Live

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Dying To Live

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It’s been six weeks since I was told I only had a matter of time left to live. I never dreamed that living would drain the life out of me. The cancer is worsening every day, slowing me down. It’s harder to catch my breath at times and I tire throughout the day. I can’t eat because the smell of the food makes me sick on my belly. The pain is crippling and restricting much movement. I hate it! I don’t think anybody wants to die. I am one of them. I feel I haven’t finished living yet. Since I’ve been here at Jesse’s dude ranch I’ve managed to bruise friendships, ride and care for a horse, give a violin concert, play for the church services, flirt with a cowboy named Nikolas Geary and fall in love with a cowboy named Robee Lange.

Dear God, is this a tease or taste of heaven?

Giny’s been given a reason to live, but will she live long enough to carry it through?

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