101 Case Studies In Wall Street (Practical)

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101 Case Studies In Wall Street (Practical)

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101 Case Studies in Wall Street

Learn to classify price patterns and market stats of 34 Stocks.
We are going to implement all contents that have learned from the first two books, especially “STRATEGIES YOUR INVESTMENT IN 30 MINUTES A DAY”, and apply to Stock charts.

You will comprehend and be able to analyze the following steps to design your trading / investing plan.
What we are going to determine in the book
1. Define a current stage of ecumenic growth
2. Define a stage of stock markets
3. Define a stage of a share’s price
4. Define P/E and EPS on stock charts
5. Determine if it is panicking

After those determinations addressed separately, we are going to locate those signs (catalysts) on the charts and group them. As a result, we get a trading / investing system which indicates a potential direction of a particular stock.
Later on, a position size calculation is the next part for you to take care of and apply it to the trading / investing system as discusses above. Do not ignore any loss.

Keep in touch with me via email. Feel free to discuss any question about the book
Thanks for your interest.

*For educational purposes only

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