Willow: Family Betrayal: Windy Haven Trilogy-Book 2

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Willow: Family Betrayal: Windy Haven Trilogy-Book 2

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Length: 199 pages3 hours


Fourteen, scared and vulnerable, Willow ran into the woods away from Oscar's painful words.  Each time someone called her name in the darkness she ran faster and faster.

Branches slapped across her face as she got deeper into the forest, moving her towards unimaginable danger.

 After her recent rescue from sex traffickers and the truths she learned from those she thought were friends, Willow was desperate to reach her mother and ask for help. But, could she trust her?

Willow's journey back to Windy Haven would be long and treacherous.  It was imperative she survived without being noticed.

But, was it possible to stay under the radar long enough to get there?

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