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Mariana's Trench

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Mariana has a secret: she's a mermaid who has a human boyfriend. He's a handsome blond researcher who knows his way around a coral reef. She thinks she's in love - but Craig thinks otherwise, and dumps her without a word of warning, leaving her distraught.

In the depths of despair, Mariana thinks she'll never find true love - or know a true lover's touch. It's up to the legendary kraken, hidden in the depths of the sea, to prove her wrong. With hundreds of years of knowledge and a psychic connection to Mariana, the kraken is her best candidate to cheer up the despondent little mermaid. And along the way, Mariana just might find what those long, thick tentacles can do...

Over 6,000 words of tentacle erotica, featuring monster-on-mermaid smut with bondage and backdoor action!


Mariana pursed her own lips tightly. Hand shaking, she now parted the joining of her fins, seeking that nub of flesh underneath, the tantalizing pearl none but she had ever seen. As her fingers brushed it, she stiffened. It was that feeling again: that warmth that had suffused her whenever she looked too long at Craig, whenever his eyes met hers and set some kind of fire alight deep in her core...

Without warning, the kraken’s arm tightened around Mariana. She squeezed back a little choking sound as her waist was gripped, almost harder than was comfortable, by the suckered appendage; and realizing it had been several minutes since she had spoken, cried out with her mind: What are you doing?

I heard you thinking, replied the kraken smoothly. You think you’ll never know what it’s like to be mated with. I can show you otherwise.

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