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Encounters at the Dragal Foundation

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Explaining the workings of a quantum computer is no mean task.  Darshan continued with alacrity, putting forth a simple explanation.  However, pressuring the cleaner was maybe a little ambitious.  It was an overzealous teacher trying to teach a reluctant student.  Was the real motive that Darshan was finding it therapeutic? 

That was just the kick-off.  In a different location Michael receives a bizarre letter, it gets him thinking if he should apply the acid test of statistical analysis?  That, however, gave him pause.

Michael had no reason to panic; he was not on Ellen's hit list.  Although she had identified Michael in the Master plan; he was a bright young thing and had a skill Ellen wanted.  He was not for her own delectation but rather something more serious.  It was easy to understand after a short while.

The ever-ebullient Ellen could undergo any contortion to win her point or satisfy her desires.  That begged the question.  Was she thought all sweetness and light?  But not to worry, if she had a few blemishes in the marital area then so did her feckless husband Jeremiah.

The game was playing out in a domestic setting.  Housekeeper, maidservant and the overpowering mistress with a penchant for pleasure.  However, there was more transpiring.  Deep below the surface, undetectable events were occurring, aided by the irrepressible forces of nature.  The actions of a quantum computer need contemplation.  It had remained a puzzle even for the most gifted.  Then, when you added other artefacts, who knows what may be happening.

You would be unsure whether you could have committed to memory all that had happened or was it a figment of another's imagination?  What were the chances of that?

Do not worry.  Miraculously, the end game was a quiet affair.  No explosions, nothing that peculiar.

(I have written this book in UK English – Roy Jackaman.)

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