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Mother Stella: Her Song of Love

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Have you ever turned your face to heaven, as the questions in your heart arose to your lips: Why am I here, you ask? What is the purpose of my existence? Have you given up on an answer or feel there is no one left to respond?

Don’t lose heart. Don’t despair. You have not been forgotten, nor have you been forsaken. Life reaches out to you every moment, singing a song that only the heart can hear. Listen closely to Mother Stella’s song, a song that springs from the deepest love.

What unfolds next is the story of Mother Stella’s spiritual journey, this great soul who awoke to the truth about herself. But remember: Her journey is also your journey. Her story is also your story. Because if one soul can wake up, that possibility exists for each of us.

It is not an answer that you seek, but the experience of truth itself. Mother Stella wants you to be happy. She wants you to be free. She wants you to embrace the consciousness of a true human being.

Draw close to one who has found the Divine within. Look deep into her eyes and see the spark of the Divine, that same spark that animates you.

Mother Stella wants you to know the truth about your existence. It is through love, Universal Love, that your eyes will be opened to the reality of Life, to the reason why you are here. To experience this truth for yourself is beautiful beyond imagining. You don’t need to preach. You don’t have to proselytize. You need only awaken to this truth and everything will change around you. And inside you.

You will discover that Love is Infinite, that it can grow and grow until your love embraces every living soul. You will discover that you are vast beyond imagining. You may just be a seed now, but water that seed with love and you will grow into an enormous tree that touches heaven and earth simultaneously. You will grow into the Universal Being you were meant to be. That spark inside will ignite into a blazing fire, until you light up the world.

This is Mother Stella’s gift to you, Her Song of Love.

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