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Sand Raiders

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Maika is the right hand and occasional lover of the notorious sand raider known only as the Dust Rider. When they raid a caravan he expects the usual bounty of food and gunpowder. He does not expect Dani, the beautiful, stubborn gardener delivering fruit trees to a prince's pleasure garden, but he's happy to take both plants and man back to the sand raider's 'castle' carved into the red rock canyons.

Though Dani seems far from happy at being a prisoner, and definitely does not want to draw the Dust Rider's wrath by getting too close to her lover, he enjoys the challenging gardens he's given to tend and is not indifferent when Maika comes to visit. Maika dares to hope Dani can see past the dust and demons and give Maika and the sand raiders a chance to be home.

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