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Hammer of the Gods

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"Father, tell us about the Nine Realms," Thor said.

A large, brimmed hat adorned the head of Asgard's king.  His polished armor was cloaked as he leaned against the base of the old oak.  A golden spear hovered vertically in the air near its master.  Gungnir it was named.  The lance could be cast at will by Odin, and it was said never to miss its mark.  Long, dark hair blended into the beard of the large warrior.  The light of the fire danced in his thoughtful eyes as he pondered his elder son's query.  A grin beset his handsome face before he replied.

"We have but tonight before your quest begins but I will tell you what I can.  If you survive, you will be men when you return to Asgard."

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