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The Danzig and Hare Murder Mysteries



The Suicidal Solicitor

A third case for chess-playing sleuth Jim Danzig, of Castletown, and his partner in both senses of the word, Judith Hare. Local solicitor, millionaire and social climber Stuart Brooksbank, faced with imminent disgrace and financial ruin, has committed suicide. Or has he? His widow and son seem convinced that his death was murder.

A sceptical Danzig agrees to make enquiry, in the course of which he soon encounters an undoubted murder, not to mention an unsuccessful attempt to strangle the deceased's widow. With little time or ability for modern technology, he sets about solving the mystery by his usual oldfashioned methods: logic, making a nuisance of himself, and a fair amount of luck, plus as ever information provided by his police friend and informant D.C. Nobby Clarke.

A punch-up with one of the main suspects, taking part in a shambolic Old Boys' cricket match, and attending a wicca ceremony are all part of the job. At the end, Danzig and Hare as usual emerge triumphant, and a psychopathic murderer is brought to book.

Approx. 61,000 words

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