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Worthy To Love

348 pages5 hours


She found her!
Roxanne wasn’t dead! But where she was, she could never come home from. If only Jess could find a way to make Ben understand that his wife had made a new life for herself, had found love, and was happy.
But how could she explain why Roxanne pushed the man she loved into the arms of another woman without hurting Ben all over again?
Only when two worlds came together, a fundamental truth was revealed—that Ben’s marriage to Roxanne had been based on a lie from the beginning. The revelation shook him to his core, so much so that he lost all faith in women. He could not even trust Jess, who had effortlessly entered his home and his heart, who was his unswerving ally in a house full of strange people.
But Millicent, Ben’s wife’s twin, was weirder than her other sisters, because she had a secret plan for Ben and his daughter. Only one person stood in her way—Jess, the nanny.

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