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Solfire (Fire Crystal Legacy Book 2)

504 pages7 hours


The war continues....
Just when the land of Toor is celebrating its victory over Lord Toloban, the sealing of the Gates to the outer world, and the arrest of Triya as a witch and "shadowed one", a poison is seeping into Toor's ground water.
Lord Toloban has not given up on his quest to conquer Toor, His is determined to turn it into a devastated wasteland and its people into the undead Shakran.
Triya and her companions journey into Elcomhara to Solfire Mountain to destroy Toloban once and for all and stop the poison. Elcomhara is the most inhospitable, dark, vile land where northing survives, not even one blade of grass.
Triya and her companions endure overwhelming odds to save their land but they are not prepared for a new enemy.....the White Wolf of Patwilon.

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