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The Book of Dragon's Vale

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Inspired by JRR Tolkien's "The Lord Of The Rings", here is an alternative vision of a world like Middle Earth. From British writer Michael Bond "Dragon's Vale" asks: what if Middle Earth was set in the far future, when science and technology had become like magic, and what happened after the end of the Rings of Power, what happened to the world of men when the Elves and Mages left?

Welcome to Dragon's Vale...

On Earth, in the far distant future, mankind has been transformed beyond recognition. Evolutionary mutation, horrifying wars and nightmarish runaway technology have condemned the world to quarantine from the outside universe and most people have forgotten their ancient origins.

This is a world in which technology has advanced so much it's become magical, in which Elves, Mages and Unicorns walked the world as the products of unimaginable advances in science and technology over unknown ages of time. Their history forgotten, people treat their world as a natural place, with no thought or memory of their ancient origins. Only one place remembers everything - Dragon's Vale, a remote valley by the ocean, created by the most ancient of them all, with powers like gods.

To conquer Dragon's Vale offers unimaginable power, fortune and glory. But people have forgotten what else lies there awaiting them.

"Here be dragons! Go away, or die!"

A book of 20,000 words that encompasses a mythic world and a scope spanning thousands of years as the story of mankind's rebirth and rediscovery climbs out of the shadows of the Rings of Power and the final casting down of the Dark Lords. If you're aching for more "Lord of The Rings" or crave another fix of Dragons for your "Game of Thrones" addiction then join the quest to "Dragon's Vale".

(Young Adult Content: Contains a very moderate amount of Rude Words inappropriate to younger readers, and much bloodshed, plus Dragons.)

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