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Reshania - the most progressive land of the Northern Countries has been at peace for almost 100 years. Its enlightened attitudes earn respect from some, and its size and wealth garner fear and envy from others. However, the times are changing. A threat is growing on its southern border. An alliance of the nations of Jalhat, Forenze and Mantrainer, led by the ambitious King Hansett Laughlon of Mantrainer, seek to take Reshania's wealth for themselves. Standing in their way is the fiery-tempered Queen Jezzalia Terrantis. Not only is she queen of Reshania, but she wields a powerful sehen ability. Jezzalia is not without her own supporters, notably her half-sister, the scheming and wily Princess Shazzelle, but even this formidable pair may not be able to stand against their enemies. They need help, and help sometimes comes from unexpected quarters, such as the small village of Willow Ford and one Sethalis Fielder...

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