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Tenebra Zeta Volume 1: Assembly

259 pages4 hours


The year is 2198. For nearly a century, humans have harmoniously co-existed with the creatures they originally thought were nothing but mere myth. To maintain that harmony, the Tenebra International Peace Agency, with its infinite reach and supreme talent, works around the clock to secure and quell any and all paranormal threats.

Enter Tenebra Zeta, the newest squad of agents that seem to attract trouble no matter what corner of the world they venture to. A simple recon mission quickly becomes a sprawling trek in the depths of an trap-laden Egyptian tomb. A stakeout in the southern United States becomes a hot pursuit of the hideous wendigo. A little skirmish in Osaka becomes an epic battle to save the city from total destruction, and it isn't long until a heinous plot is uncovered, steadily hatching under the close watch of an ancient evil.

Monica Harlita. Lance Parker. Rayyah. Jackson Flynn. Akumi-doji. Five different people of five different races from five different corners of the world. By the hands of fate, they unite as one and set out across the world to deal their own special brand of justice.

Contains "Tenebra Zeta #1: Tomb of Plagues", "Tenebra Zeta #2: The Lone Wolf Slinger", and "Tenebra Zeta #3: The Devil of Osaka"

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