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Wild Consort Conquers the World: Volume 2

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Once she transmigrated, she became the pampered Princess Anping. He thought it was a treasure in everyone's hearts, but it turned out to be nothing more than a piece of grass that no one wanted. From the empress dowager to her favorite concubine, from the emperor to her official, she was covered in thorns and wounds. Huaijin sneered. He definitely wouldn't be afraid if he was. She was arrogant, she was arrogant, she had an extraordinary demeanor. She took things step by step, she secretly formed her power. Some said she didn't know the sky was high, others that she was ambitious. Until finally, when she stood at the peak of power, unshakable. Only then did the crowd begin to discuss the great talent this woman possessed! "The man was wearing a long robe and his eyes were filled with deep love." "From today onwards, I will protect you." Huaijin raised his eyes with a face full of disdain. She was as handsome as an attendant and as extravagant as a god. But no one knew better than Huaijin what a dark heart lay beneath this almost perfect leather bag.

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