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Irreversible Fate: Fate Series

Irreversible Fate: Fate Series

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Irreversible Fate: Fate Series

98 pages
48 minutes
Oct 16, 2019


It's a bit silly but that white dress is scarier than any of the criminals I've put away.

DS Kentley deals with the aftermath of her kidnapping and hopefully finds her Happy Ever After in Internationally Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley's romantic suspense, Irreversible Fate.

Georgia is scared out of her mind but this time it's not because there's a crazy-arsed serial killer out to get her.

No. This time, her boyfriend & boss DCI Walker Trent just wants to marry her.

Georgia is more scared of wearing a wedding dress than she is of chasing down criminals, but there's no way that Walker will let her back out.

He's holding her to the promise and so Georgia has no other option other than to walk into that church and say "I do."

Irreversible Fate is the third book in the FATE series, a complete Police Romantic Suspense series.

Nothing is wrong with being saved except, usually someone has to risk themselves to save you. Being rescued is Georgia's worst fear.

"I loved this series and would recommend it to anyone who loves a hard won happy ever after, mixed with some serious danger and crime!"

Oct 16, 2019

About the author

British Author Hanleigh Bradley writes Contemporary Romance about British twenty somethings in London.

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Irreversible Fate - Hanleigh Bradley


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Hanleigh Bradley’s Newsletter

About Hanleigh

Hanleigh’s London Saga

Dear Reader,

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that one action leads to another?

Where you believe in fate or you believe in the power of your own choices, it’s a nice idea to think you’re fated for someone.

I hope you all find your fated someone.


There she is, my beautiful, perfect, completely untameable Lioness…




must be completely insane. Why the hell did I say yes? In what world would I agree to marry him? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love him. Of course, I love him. One day I’d love to marry him. Just not now.

It’s ridiculous. It was said in a moment of panicked relief and yet he’s holding me to it. Bastard.

We barely know each other. We’ve rushed everything. Moved in together quicker than we started dating. In fact, I’m not sure we’ve even had a date and now we’re getting married? How does that make sense?

Everyone thinks it’s a brilliant idea. Everyone except me.

My parents couldn’t be happier. He’s exactly the sort of person they’d pick for me. My dad’s happy because he’s a cop – who better to keep his accident-prone little girl safe. My mum likes him even more. It might have something to do with his ability to force me to take a break from work.

They’re not alone either. Walker’s parents are just as eager for this wedding as mine are. Not to mention his siblings. It was only a few weeks ago that I met them for the first time and yet they’ve all started treating me like their sister.

I’d been especially nervous about meeting them. He’s one of five siblings. I’d been convinced walking into his parents’ house that the laws of probability pretty much guaranteed that at least one of them would hate me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the second I walked through the front door, they were all over me like a bad rash. The house was chaotic with the sounds of a big family and I’d found it slightly overwhelming but each of them had been quick to make me feel welcome.

His father had been the first to greet me, offering me a smile that resembled his son’s. Then his wife had pulled me into an almost bone crushing hug. Never quick to make friends, I’d been surprised by how quickly I’d settled in.

Welcome dear, his mother had said in one of those motherly voices that I’d always thought just belonged to the mums on the television. How was the drive over? You’re probably shattered.

Her husband chortled before pulling his wife away from me.

Let the poor girl breathe, Jules.

Their excitement had been infectious for the weekend that we stayed with them and for those two days I almost forgot that I wasn’t ready to get married.

But then we’d returned home and reality was waiting for us. Walker had returned to work and I’d been expected to spend several days at home recuperating.

Logically, I could understand Walker’s insistence that I take a rest. I knew that I needed it after what had happened – I mean it’s not every day you’re kidnapped. But those few days at home recovering had given me plenty of time to think… to be exact, plenty of time to think up all the reasons why I really didn’t want to get married.

I couldn’t tell Walker though. The idea of bursting his perfect little bubble of happiness wasn’t something I could even contemplate. And nothing has really changed in the weeks that have passed since then. Walker is still delightedly happy at the prospect of marrying me and I’m still terrified.

Walker is practically walking on air, he’s so excited. He doesn’t care that we’ve only known each other a few months. He’s made his mind up and nothing will change it. It’s one of his best and worst traits – his uncanny stubbornness.

But I just keep worrying that everything is happening far too fast. It’s barely been a month since I was kidnapped and yet now, I’m trying on a wedding dress with my mum and sister drinking champagne.

I just don’t understand why we can’t wait a few years. I’m not exactly old. I’m barely twenty-four. I only had my birthday last week.

It was a complete shambles.

Walker decided we should throw a dinner party for the two families. Everything was fine until our mother’s started planning our wedding.

Walker had cut through their conversation and told them that he wanted to get married quickly. My sister Rachael had practically screamed in delight before giggling like a schoolgirl while I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

How quickly? I’d asked after a moment’s silent panic.

In a month or so, he’s said so seriously that I couldn’t believe my ears. He wasn’t even joking.

Isn’t that a little bit too soon? I’d squeaked out.

My mother had surprisingly come to my rescue, arguing that we’d need longer than that to plan the wedding and his mum had been quick to agree. Suddenly I’d found myself agreeing to the biggest possible wedding, if only to postpone it as long as possible. All the while, I’d been silently

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