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The Concise Management & Leadership Guide: The Concise Collection, #2

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Adrian Brown has created 'The Concise Management & Leadership Guide' to empower an individual being able to make a difference in an organisation, not just for yourself and your employers, but for the people around them.

After being involved over and around a variety of managerial techniques through his lifetime throughout hugely differing organisations, Adrian thought he could share what he has picked up in various courses and experiences along the way through over 35 years within the workplace.

Adrian has used experience from working within the Royal Air Force, Transport for London (TfL) the BMW Group to create this simple step by step guide. Having a schizophrenic side, he was involved deep within the UK Rave and party scene of the late '80s that spread into the club scene of the early '90s... He has seen what true pioneers of managing and leadership are.
The guide lays down what can be applied across all aspects of business, no matter the size of your organisation.
From forging new teams through to preparing from a mental perspective, the guide will act trusted companion. Its advice will create a team and workspace that anyone would be proud to boast that they work.

(Edition 01 v1)

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