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Angel of Darkness

511 pages8 hours


Miami native, Lela Sharmentino, has a lot to look forward to this year; her fifteenth birthday, a spot on the high school track team, and another sibling on the way. Then all of this is shattered when she drinks a mysterious liquid she obtains from a gypsy at the circus. Now she’s a vampire, and her biggest struggle is learning to control her insatiable thirst for blood. Until she meets Gallard; another immortal who is over two hundred years old and he carries astonishing secret. He can walk in the sunlight, and coincidentally, so can she. They are equally curious to know why they have this rare ability and together set off to learn the reason why they were drawn to each other. But an old threat from Gallard’s past, threatens their quest. A dangerous night-walker knows the connection, but will not reveal it to them unless they join his side. Will Lela be able to help Gallard uncover the mystery to their ability and elude their enemy, or will she spend the rest of her immortal life running?

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