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Kiss My Curvy Assets: Embrace, Accept, Highlight, And Rock The Sh*t Out Of Your Body!

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Kiss My Curvy Assets takes a blunt approach towards crushing body image stigmas and helps women embrace their badassery. This is not your average health, fitness, or wellness self-help book. It is witty, sassy, full on laugh-your-ass-off humor meets raw, empowering, tangible, results-driven coaching — all in one. As a fitness and wellness coach with almost three decades of experience specializing in mindset and hormone health, Lori shows us: * The calories you consume do not equal your self-worth * Happiness and self-esteem play a huge role in achieving goals (more so than the bathroom scale or overtraining yourself) * We should be embracing our unique assets instead of battling with, changing or transforming them * You are hot AF regardless of what is happening on social media or within society This book helps you to feel strong and healthy from the inside-out. Let's put down the waist trainers and magic fitness pixie dust! Girl, it is time to rock the sh!t out of your body - every curve and asset! Join Lori on a journey of crushing internal demons, dispelling diet and fitness fads, smashing scales, and ending negative self-talk with your body. Learn to supercharge your hormone health and orgasms! Buckle up - it's gonna be an enlightening and exhilarating ride!

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