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Las Vegas Sins & Scams: Book 10 – Scamming Within Socialism

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Las Vegas Sins and Scams is a series of books, written based on stories I learned while working in Las Vegas, with some shady characters and casino owners; and then in the later books as the companies expand into Latin America and the Mediterranean areas.
In this book, the communist government in Venezuela pisses off the guys, so they burn their bridges on one plantation the guys scam on the stock scammers, and a resort in Antigua is scammed from a Pakistani that ran the property down.
there is lots of violence in the unique exciting short stories.
Starting with this book, the pictures and sketches are in the public domain, so you can utilize them in your projects. This book includes some nice pictures of some antique airplanes, pictures of the US degrading, and some nice scenery in Oregon.

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