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Essential Buddhist Prayers Vol. I eBook

333 pages2 hours


The Essential Buddhist Prayers series contains all the basic prayers and practices necessary for daily practice and retreat within the FPMT tradition.

Volume 1 includes these and other prayers and practices:
- Preliminary Prayers – "Morning Activities," "Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts," "Daily Prayers," "The Practice of Prostrations to the Thirty-Five Confession Buddhas," "Commentaries on Zung of the Completely Pure Stainless Light and the Mantra Taught by Buddha Droden Gyälwa Chhö," "The Benefits of Protecting the Eight Mahayana Precepts," "Options for Practicing Prostrations to the Thirty-Five Confession Buddhas"
- Prayers for Teaching Occasions
- Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels
- Lam-Rim Prayers – "Calling the Guru from Afar," "The Foundation of All Good Qualities," "The Three Principles of the Path," "Practicing Guru Devotion with the -- Nine Attitudes," "A Glance Meditation on All the Important Points of the Lam-Rim"
- The Everflowing Nectar of Bodhichitta, a practice of 1,000-Arm Chenrezig
- A Daily Meditation Practice on Guru Shakyamuni Buddha
- Praises to the Twenty-One Taras
- Everyday Dharma – "Care of Dharma Materials," "Miscellaneous Mantras," "Food Offering Prayers," "Thought Training for Everyday Practice"
- Prayers of Aspiration
- Dedication Prayers
- Long Life Prayers – "Prayer for the Long Life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama," "Bestowing Supreme Immortality - A Supplication for the Long Life of Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche," "A Short Long Life Prayer for Lama Zopa Rinpoche," "The Immortal Vajra Melody - A Prayer of Supplication to Remain Immutably Amongst Us - A Long Life Prayer for Lama Tenzin Ösel Rinpoche"

2011 edition.

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