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Researching History for Fantasy Writers: How to Use Historical Detail to Make Your Fantasy Worlds Rich and Compelling

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Narnia. Pern. Fillory. Oz. Earthsea. Middle Earth. Fionvar.

Fantasy fans read to escape to another world. Your job as a writer is to make that world so compelling, they never want to leave.

Here's a book to get you thinking about the historical details to use and the concepts to ponder in order to create rich, chewy, and believable fantasy worlds. Filled with trivia, tidbits, and a slew of resources, and written in a light, engaging style, Researching History for Fantasy Writers is a must-read for any author of high fantasy.

Bestselling author and historical re-creationist Dayle A. Dermatis has lived in the UK and traveled extensively in Europe, plus she has a lot of knowledgeable friends. She wants more amazing, fully realized fantasy worlds to fall into.

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