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Human and Alien Origins

Human and Alien Origins

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Human and Alien Origins

99 pages
52 minutes
Oct 21, 2019


Ever since humans existed, they have wondered how they came into existence.  Did they evolve from other primitive creatures?  Or were they sent down to Earth?  Where did they come from?  Who or what created them? 

What about the other extraterrestrial beings non native to Earth?  Did they go through the same cycle as humans leading to a more advanced state?

Human and Alien Origins is a book that explores different alternative theories explaining the possible answers to these questions, as well as presenting interesting theories and concepts on the Cosmology of the Universe and beyond!

Oct 21, 2019

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Human and Alien Origins - Josh Tam


© Copyright 2019 byJosh Tam

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author or publisher.

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Front cover image by Josh Tam.

First Edition 2019.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 : Mainstream Evolution and Creation

Theory of Evolution

Creation Story

Chapter 2 : Hindu Lemurian Earth History

The Information Retrieval Method

How it All Started

The Disaster

Chapter 3 : Prison Planet Earth

The Spirit Is-Be

Bio-Engineering Instead of Evolution

Earth as a Prison

Chapter 4 : Guardian Groups Disclosure

Soul Evolution Determines Physical Evolution

The Tree of Life Template

The Human Root Races Evolution

GGD Version of the Prison Planet Earth

GGD’s Version of God

Alien Races in the GGD Theory

Chapter 5 : Orion Cosmology

The Ultimate Creator Gods

The Vegas and the Humans

The Dark Lords

The Agenda

The Anu Serpent Gods and the Anunnaki

Other Notable Alien Races

Chapter 6 : Anunnaki Chronicle

Sitchin’s Anunnaki

Alternate Anunnaki Story

Chapter 7 : The ORON Theory

ORON Cosmology

The Deities and Gods

The Humans and Animals

The Reptilians

The Neverending Creation Chain

My Thoughts


About the Author



HUMANITY HAS BEEN HIT with very difficult questions.  Questions that are very tough to answer.  Questions that spark heated debates.  Some of these questions are none other than the ones regarding the origin of human life, the existence and origin of extraterrestrial life, and the creation of all existence.  This book addresses these topics and various alternative theories that may sound radical to a lot of people.

Ever since humans existed, they have looked within themselves, asking who they really were and why they existed.  They have looked up into the sky, asking who sent them down to Earth.  Did they evolve from other primitive creatures?  Or were they sent down to Earth?  Where did they come from?  Who or what created them?


And then, other thoughts struck their minds.  Are they alone in the universe?  Are others just like them living on other planets?  Are there other creatures very different from them living in other galaxies?

Throughout the ages, many different theories have arisen.  Some are accepted as fact by the mainstream schools of thought during their respective ages.  Others are questionable.

This book is a compilation of my collection of the various different theories regarding the creation of life and all that is, the existence of aliens, the structures of the Universe and planet Earth, and even different concepts and cosmologies.

Are you ready?  An exciting journey awaits...

The information written in this book is derived from various sources, and is not meant to be taken as the ultimate truth or as education material.  Instead, it is meant to be treated as food for thought, a presentation of a collection of theories about the subject, or even as entertainment.  The author does not guarantee the validity and accuracy of the information in this book.


THE MAIN PURPOSE OF presenting this work is not to debunk anything, not to challenge mainstream theories and certainly not to go against any religion.  Instead, the main purpose is to present the different theories about human and alien origins that I have collected.  We can then make a comparison and analyze these ever so controversial topics.  I have found that some

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