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Run Into The Fire

667 pages10 hours


Hugly is simple. A nice guy. Foreign, uneducated and shy, he gets along with children, rabbits and rats much better than with the sophisticated who tinker with society through their agents. The enemies may be educated, wealthy and powerful, and even seductive and vicious, but Hugly’s got more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He’s got friends in high and low places that never lose sight of him. His sometimes deluded and skeptical friends may think he’s there to help them, but they’ve got it all wrong. All wrong. When faced with evil in its many forms, it’s often best to just run away. But Hugly knows too, that it’s often best to stand firm, and at other times it’s best to run as fast as you can, right into the fire. Especially if saving others. When whole armies and all civilization needs saving, God chooses to send his best; six inch tall men who slay dragons, giants and prosperity preachers.

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